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Sailaja Vadlamudi gaaru build a strong team to handle the WICSP chapters and they gave their best in all aspects. Leads, co-leads and ambassadors played a crucial role and they are the pillars of WiCSP.

Kiran Kumar Bollam HOD - CS Department

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Our Journey Till

Behind the curtains, there is always a show going on, which is much more greater than anticipated from the outcomes. We present you a glimpse of the journey of WiCSP

  • December 2021

Sensitising Cyber Security

The growing standards of technology has contributed greatly to not only towards the modern world, but also to the potential threats, in some new form each day

  • December 2021

Digital Hygiene: What, Why, How

In this day and time of technology and our lives being entwined the way they are, it is essential for us to be aware of healthy practices to maintain a healthy digital presence

  • December 2021

Balancing Public Health & Privacy

Data privacy has taken up to become the most challenging factor, but with the use of technology and a good collab amongst the public, we can battle this epidemic together

  • July 2020