• Bhavya Vishishta
  • December 2021

Our Journey Till Now

One fine morning in the year 2019, Sailaja Vadlamudi started a non-profit organisation aiming to raise cyber awareness for kids, young girls and women. Driven by the intent to give back to the society, she decided to also focus on educating them in pursuing career opportunities in cybersecurity. This non-profit organisation came to be named as ‘Women in Cyber Security and Privacy’ or in short, WiCSP.

Firing the spark...

Since then, WiCSP has been focusing primarily on rural areas where digitization is less. Education and encouragement are two of the most important mantras that we aspire to achieve here in WiCSP; Educate the unaware and encourage the capable. In other words, WiSCP’s vision is to educate young kids, girls and women on the importance of digital privacy and how to achieve it and also encourage these people to pursue a career in the same space.

Thoughts of a leader...

Noticing the importance of shifting the thoughts of leaders of the next generation to shift the paradigm and add more diversity into these domains, a women and men from academia, industry and research with experience and interest in mentorship, across India and abroad came under a single podium to fulfil this vision of spreading the knowledge on Cyber security and data privacy, around the world.

Currently our organization is an embodiment of 50 employees including mentors and interns. Headquartered in the IT hub of India-Bangalore, this tech based non-profit organization has already made in presence in the southern part of India through its tie ups with various colleges and universities and is now on its way to ensure a safer tomorrow throughout India.