Sailaja Vadlamudi is Currently working as Director of Security & Data Privacy; Application Security lead for leading Software provider in India and drives security strategy towards building security culture in the region & leads all security initiatives. She is a Security & Data Privacy professional, Author, Researcher, Mentor & Global advisory member.

She is an author, researcher, security strategist, and Global Advisory member.

A few of her accolades are:

  • TOP 20 Indian Women Security Influencer - Security India.
  • Women of Excellence – Indian Achievers Forum.
  • Cybersecurity Ambassador - Rocehston.
  • “Top Technologists -Tech Beacon” award by WEquity.
  • TOP 10 WOMEN TECH LEADERS INDIA - Reva Academy of Corporate Excellence & Terralogic.

Sailaja’s efforts to develop a next-gen cyber workforce goes beyond her role, she is very passionate and offers trainings to students and professionals and she goes the extra mile and offers to mentor thus encouraging them to pursue careers in Cyber and Privacy domains resulting in capacity building of next-gen cyber workforce. she is a noted speaker at national and international forums there ranging from academia-industry and law enforcement.

She is an innovator and researcher by her deeds, few of her most recent and notable contributions were lending her expertise on the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB-2019), Non-Personal Data Governance framework (NPD), Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture (DPEA) member and Publication on Robotics process automation and Cloud forensics.


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